A Managed Security Scheme that ensures your community is safe and secure

Who is PRABOA?

PRABOA is highly active and has had a number of high profile successes, including overseeing Parkhurst becoming the first suburb in South Africa to have high speed fibre internet (Vuma).

SafeParks is a subcommittee that was established by PRABOA to investigate solutions to keep Parkhurst and its residents (you) safe.


In August 2016 a partnership agreement was signed between Safeparks and Parksec as oversight, with our appointed security service provider, Cortac.


As criminals gain access to your home via the streets, we aim to secure the Public Space areas outside the boundaries of your home with active 24 hour patrols operating throughout Parkhurst.



Public Space Security

The PSS debit order goes to SafeParks and the agreed fee is then paid to Cortac.



Armed Response

The AR debit order goes directly to Cortac as a direct agreement between you and them.

While this may seem unnecessarily complicated, having the PSS debit orders payable to SafeParks gives us, as residents, control of the scheme.


For new subscribers, the current PSS monthly contribution is


includes a discounted R25 PRABOA membership fee



per month


AR Contribution

In the difficult economic climate we are currently experiencing, it is tempting to let our neighbors bear the cost of securing our Public Spaces while we freeload on the benefits. Unfortunately, like many other community projects, this initiative needs a critical number of contributors to be economically viable. For the cost of a night out for the family, please consider joining SafeParks & PARKSEC, it is only by standing together that we will have a chance of beating the crime in our suburb.

For further information and to sign up please contact:
lynn@safeparks.joburg or Lynn@parksec.co.za