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Pensioners Municipal Rebates

The following forms are available for download. Simply click on the form you wish to download

Ward Cllr Tim Truluck has provided the following information regarding the forms regarding the registration for 70+ pensioners.

Pensioner Discount Update

The info below has been compiled by Cllr John Mendelsohn after several of our residents have tried to register for the over 70 pensioner discount forms. I have also attached the form again if you haven’t downloaded it yet..

  • Subject to compliance with all the criteria listed below, all persons in Johannesburg over the age of 70 are entitled to a 100% rebate on property Assessment Rates.
  • There is no income threshold. Earnings are not taken into account.
  • The municipal value of the property as at 1st July, 2013 must not exceed R2 million. The value of the property will be reflected on the rates account of the City of Johannesburg for the month of July, 2013 and subsequent months.
  • The applicant for the rebate must be the owner of the property. If the property is in joint ownership, at least one of the owners must be over the age of 70.
  • The applicant must live on the property.
  • Complete the application form and have it signed by a commissioner of oaths [attorney, police officer, bank manager, councillor].
  • Make a duplicate copy of the form to keep.
  • Take the form together with an ID document to the nearest City of Johannesburg Customer Centre.
  • Request the Customer Consultant to sign a receipt for the original on the duplicate copy, date it and stamp it with the official rubber stamp. Request the consultant to print his or her name in capital letters next to his or her signature. Keep the duplicate in a safe place.
  • The Customer Consultant must accept the form, scan it and dispatch a Service Request to the Rates Department, and place the form in a “Rebate Application” box for collection by/delivery to the Rates Department.
  • Allow at least one billing cycle to elapse before the application is processed. This means that an application submitted in August, 2013, will not reflect on the rates account until October 2013.
  • The rebate will not be backdated to July, 2013. It will take effect from the time of processing.