Facebook Group Rules

The Parkhurst Village Residents and Business Owners Association has an informative Facebook Group that you can join called I Love Parkhurst.

The group contains information about happenings in the the local neighbourhood as well as being able to find some good deals on used items.

To join the group, please send us your name and e-mail address (the one you registered with on Facebook) and we will add you to the group.  If you have a friend on the group, you may also ask them to invite you to the group.

Please note that upon joining the group, you agree to abide by the rules set out below…

  1. Group Rules & Policies
    1. This group is for residents, business owners and people interested in what’s happening in the Parkhurst Village.
    2. This page is set up & managed by the Parkhurst Residents and Business Owner’s Association (PRABOA) as a communication channel for the residents of Parkhurst.
    3. We encourage all residents to become members of PRABOA by paying an annual subscription fee of R365 per year per household. Please visit https://parkhurstvillage.com/join-us to become a member.
  2. Terms Of Use
    1. Any information acquired from this page for use elsewhere (electronically, in print or in any other format whatsoever) must have the approval of the owners of this page (as well as permission from the poster) to be used and must be attributed to this page and to PRABOA (Parkhurst Village Residents’ & Business Owners Association). Anyone can post on the page but you need to be a member of the group. All posts must be relevant to Parkhurst and its residents.
  3. Advertising Policy
    1. Various advertising offerings are available here: https://parkhurstvillage.com/advertising/
    2. Unpaid business advertising of any sort, home-based or otherwise, will be deleted.
    3. For Event advertising, please e-mail info@parkhurstvillage.com first, explaining the event.
    4. After THREE advert postings, you will be removed from the group.
  4. Classified & Rental Adverts
    1. No posts offering animals for sale from breeders
    2. Personal items for sale must be added to the group using the “Sell Something” post option. If not, it will be removed.
    3. Classified ads and rentals by property owners are permitted but MUST reside in the following areas: Parkhurst, Parktown North or Craighall Park.
  5. Discussion Policy
    1. We encourage debate but, we urge you to be respectful of each other’s opinion. Abusive remarks, slanders or offensive posts will be deleted.
    2. We as creators and administrators hold the right to delete and ban any post and/or member who does not abide by the group rules.
    3. Political debates (or posts) are strictly forbidden on ILP.
    4. All posts should have direct relevance to Parkhurst.
    5. If you feel any person is being abusive or is abusing their rights on the group please report using Facebook’s “Report Post” facility or e-mail info@parkhurstvillage.com
  6. Group Admins
    1.  Cheryl Labuschagne (chair@parkhurstvillage.com)
    2. Paul Johnson (info@parkhurstvillage.com)
  7. Important links
    1. Website: https://parkhurstvillage.com
    2. Become a PRABOA member https://parkhurstvillage.com/join-us/
    3. Subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter https://parkhurstvillage.com/Newsletter-subscription
    4. Advertise on our website and newsletter https://parkhurstvillage.com/advertising
    5. Contact us: info@parkhurstvillage.com