About Us

Our Story

We are a volunteer based committee that serves in terms of the National Constitution, as the fourth tier of Government.

We are committed to maintaining and promoting the Parkhurst Village environment and quality of life. This is done through various community projects which are funded by the residents membership fees and monies collected from our event projects. In addition we object to undesireable rezonings and fund appeals to the Town Planning Tribunal on residents behalf. As such it is the residents official voice and link to Council and Government.

The community of Parkhurst faces numerous challenges regarding our suburb from how to keep ourselves safe, to keeping the integrity of Parkhurst intact, to promoting our environment and quality of life.

As residents ourselves, PRABOA shares these concerns but our effectiveness is dependent on you. Support us by paying your membership fees, volunteering and attending our events and meetings. The more support we receive from residents the more projects we can action and become more reliant on ourselves.

There is no other organisation or grouping which can represent and network all 2000 plus households.

Our communication channels are as forth:

  • Our annually Parkhurst Post (September)
  • Electronic Newsletters and flyers
  • The Parkhurst Village website
  • Our Facebook page
  • Twitter page

We also have a Public Discussion Forum Group on Facebook called ‘I love Parkhurst’ for residents, businesses and visitors to engage in both the fun and serious side of our great little suburb.

How can support: By volunteering, supporting our events and most importantly paying your annual membership fee.