What is PRABOA and how does it affect your life?

Feb 11, 2022 | News

For many of us PRABOA is just another acronym and probably an enigma. Very few of us “‘hursties” know what it stands for let alone what their main objectives are, so we thought it is time to demystify this dynamic organisation and help all residents understand the key role the organisation plays in the life of our Village.

PRABOA stands for the Parkhurst Residents’ and Business Owners’ Association. The aims of PRABOA are multi-fold and multi-dimensional, but can be condensed into two focus areas, firstly it aims to provide a link between the ratepayers and residents of the Village and the local authority, public bodies, and of course local businesses. Secondly and probably very close to most of our hearts is to encourage a predominantly residential environment that is in keeping with the wishes and well-being of the Parkhurst Community.

We often use the word “village” when describing Parkhurst.  A quick Google search of the word includes amongst other definitions as: “A self-contained district or community within a town or a city regarded as having feature characteristic of village life”. One of the key characteristics therefore of a Village is that of community and the coming together of the residents and the business entities that make up the Village with a common purpose and goals for the nature of our lived environment.

To further safeguard the unique nature of the Village the association goes further in its aims, by promoting a cleaner, safer, beautiful, and green environment within Parkhurst and its environs. PRABOA also strives to develop a family and child friendly environment within an integrated urban community whilst ensuring an inclusive and non-discriminatory home for its residents. Additionally, PRABOA also maintains an oversight on issues that may affect residents.

For PRABOA to continue to grow and thrive, it relies on all residents to take an active interest and role in its various initiatives and to support the work of the Association by joining up.

PRABOA has recently sent out a survey to all residents via the street representatives to assist and volunteer in keeping Parkhurst a much-loved village.  It is a great opportunity to get involved in your neighbourhood without the long-term commitment required of formally joining the PRABOA committee – though the Association welcomes interested residents in that regard too.

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For More information on and how to join up or become a volunteer, contact: Theresa du Preez on 082 712 56807 or

Email communications@parkhurst.org.za