Ward Update 6 June 2019

Jun 6, 2019 | Ward update

Billing Open Days | New Rosebank Park | Supplementary 1 Valuation Roll 

Region B Billing Open Days: 19-20 June

The City of Johannesburg invites all Region B municipal account holders who have long unresolved billing queries to attend the forthcoming Open Days on the following dates.

• Date : 19-20 June 2019
• Venue : Ferndale Recreation Center, 38 Harley St, Ferndale, Randburg
• Time : 9am to 3pm

The purpose of these Open Days is to provide the Region B municipal account holders with an opportunity to resolve their queries on the spot. The emphasis will be to attend to all unresolved queries that are older than 30 days.

On these days, expert agents from City Power, Johannesburg Water, Pikitup, Valuations, Rates and Taxes, Planning, Billing Management, Customer Services and more will be at hand to sort out all customers’ account related queries, with the hope of immediate resolution.

This is also a chance for all stakeholders to take up their concerns with senior management in the City, who will ensure each account receives the desired attention.

New Electricity Meter Reading Company


Tabuka SUSA have been re-appointed to do meter reading in REGION B

They encourage customers to load their reading on their portal site


Readings should be submitted between the 20 and 27th of each month.

Include your contact details, name of acct, acct # & a pic of your meter showing the reading.

This is usually only for old dial meters, not smart meters, but you can contact them on the email below to see if yiu can submit readings for smart meters that are not working properly.

Tabuka SUSA
P: 011-493-0293
E: quality@susafrica.co.za

Inspection of Supplementary Valuation Roll 

NOTE: This is NOT for ppl who have objected or appealed their valuation in the 2018 valuation roll. If you are not on it, then you needen’t do anything more. 

NOTE 2: If you appealed your vakuation outcome, be patient, you will be notified when yiur hearing will be. The deadline for appeals was extended to mid day on 1 July. 

It is, however, for people who who missed the deadline to object and submitted an application for their valuayion (and other details) to be revalued or where the city has revalued certain properties. 

If you are on the list and are happy with the valuation and other details of your property listing – you need do nothing more; if you are not happy, then you need to put an objection in before 28 June. 

Note 1: it is easiest to search for a suburb and then look through the listings to see if your property is there. There are 20 listings per page so don’t forget to look at the other pages. 
Note 2: There are seperate sections for freehold and sectional title properties.
In Ward 117, the number of listed properties per suburb are: 

• Pine Park – 3
• Blairgowrie – 27 
• Victory Park – 16
• Parkhurst – 36
• Parktown North – 69
• Rosebank – 56 (+45 Sec Title)
• Parkwood – 24
• Saxonwold – 24 (+12 Sec Title)

The COJ’s Supplementary Roll 1 (to the 2018 General Valuation Roll) is open for inspection and comment from 22 May 2019 to 28 June 2019.

The roll can be inspect on the City’s website using this link (scroll down until you find the correct header): https://eservices.joburg.org.za/.

Forms can be downloaded on the same page – look right at the bottom.

Tx to Schindlers Lawyers for the alert.

An invitation is hereby made in terms of section 49(1)(a)(ii) read together with section 78(2)* of the Act that any owner of property or other person who so desires should lodge an objection with the municipal manager in respect of any matter reflected in, or omitted from, the supplementary valuation roll within the abovementioned period.

Attention is specifically drawn to the fact that in terms of section 50(2) of the Act an objection must be in relation to a specific individual property and not against the supplementary valuation roll as such. The form for the lodging of an objection is obtainable at the address below or website www.joburg.org.za. The completed forms must be returned to the following address :

Valuation Services :
Jorissen Place
66 Jorissen Street
East Wing – 1st Floor
For enquiries please contact :
Telephone 011 407-6622 or 011 407-6597 
Email: valuationenquiries@joburg.org.za

New Rosebank Events Park

As part of the Rosbank Crosswalk and Linear Parks Project, work will start converting this hitherto unknown garden into a park. It is located on the corner of Keyes Ave and Walters St in Rosebank (diagonally opposite the library).

It was formerly leased from the city as a garden to the adjacent property. It will now be taken back by the city and transformed into a park that can be used for small community orientated events and exhibitions.

The cost will about R9.2 million and work will start in a week or two and take about 3 months.

The contractors need to hire/contract the following:

• Community Liaison Officer: R8500 plus R500 data allowance a month.
• General semi and skilled labourers.

The nature of the work will be paving, grass & tree planting, street furniture, lighting, fencing.

Please submit a CV and covering letter (for CLO positions) to Mr Vusi Tutu at the Reception Area, Region B offices at ACA Krans Building, 35 Symons St, Auckland Park. For those applying for labourers’ positions, you must submit a copy of your ID book or CV at the Region B offices. Note that they need you to drop off a hard copy as they have run out of ink.

Please note that preference will be given to people and SMMEs who are based in Ward 117 before looking elsewhere in Region B.

Sewer Pipe Replacement Programme to Move from Dunkeld to Parkwood

The contractor started working in the area of Dunkeld West in April 2019. They started exposing existing services in all the Streets that they were to work on and during that process, they found that the existing Sewer Pipelines in the area are new.

Joburg Water had a project in Parkwood which is within the same region and ward that has not yet been allocated funds, and the decision was to move the funds allocated for Dunkeld west Phase 1 to Parkwood.

Affected streets:  

• Dorset Rd fm Lower Park Dr to Chester Rd
• Crescent Rd frm Dorset Rd to Avonwold Rd.
• Denbigh Rd from Dorset Rd to just before Jan Smuts Ave.

The Community Liaison Officer (CLO) who was appointed for the Dunkeld Project will be moving with the Contractor to the new area in Parkwood, together with the appointed laborers.

They should start within a couple of weeks.

Click here for more Info

Ward News and Events

  • Zoo Lake Erosion Project: Qard Committee Member and Chair of the Zoo Lake Users Group finally got City Parks permission to start the anti-erosion project at Zoo Lake. They had their launch last Saturday with over 100 people who helped to kick start the project. “The Zoo Lake User Group is excited to launch their project which hopes to restore the eroded banks around the lake in the public park. Chairperson of the group Fran Haslam and coordinator of the erosion project Jacky Cresteil appealed to the community to offer their time, money or resources to rejuvenate the ‘green lung’ of Joburg. The team has finally received the go-ahead from the City to launch this project. “We have sectioned off 11 areas around the lake and aim to rehabilitate the banks by bringing in topsoil, logs and foliage to stop the erosion,” said Cresteil. Read more here. For more info contact Fran on haslamfran@gmail.com
  • Jozi Trails and Hollard Sponsorship Launch was held last week. “A collective dream to restore the Braamfontein Spruit and create a better experience for runners, walkers and cyclists in its connected parks in Joburg, is one step closer to being realised. Jozi Trails, a six-years-in-the-making project aiming to do this by repairing some degraded sections of the spruit and parks as well as creating separate trails for mountain bikers and runners/walkers, saw its pilot project launched at Delta Park on 28 May. Read more about it here.
  • Donate Offuce Furniture: Saxonwold Primary has launched a Marketing Department that will work to present the vision of the school and attract corporate partners. They are in need of the following items of office furniture to set-up a presentation space at the school: Meeting Table, 3 Office Tables/ Work Desks and 6 Office Chairs. If you can help either with some of the items or a cash donation, please contact Scelo on scelombonambi@saxonwoldprimary.co.za or 076-754 4177