Security tips at home:

Aug 15, 2018 | News


  • Do not leave doors or gates open, even only for a minute, to go outside your property.
  • Regularly test, upgrade and review your home security, panic buttons and electric fencing.
  • We have a huge amount of false alarms (over 5 000 per month on average in Parkhurst over the last 5 months). Every alarm alert is responded to and the time taken and resources used means they cannot patrol for the full time allocated.
  • With summer coming up, please properly trim your garden plants that can lead to false electric fencing and beam alarms during storms.
  • We also find that in addition to parking cars that are prone to being stolen in the streets, people also leave valuable or visible items in cars parked in the streets, leading to unnecessary break-ins that could have been avoided.
  • Install a Digipad or key lock-box at home to enable Cortac to access your property in an emergency or security event (do not allow a security company to use a masterkey solution to gain access to your property, this can and does lead to security breaches).
  • When you are driving or walking in our suburb, please be on the lookout for the following:
    Any suspicious activity can refer to any incident, event, individual or activity that seems unusual or out of place. Some common examples of suspicious activities include:

    • A stranger loitering around or a vehicle cruising the streets repeatedly.
    • Someone peering into cars or windows.
    • A high volume of traffic going to and coming from a home on a daily basis.
    • Someone loitering around schools, parks, or secluded areas.
    • Open or broken doors and windows at a un/occupied residence.
    • Someone tampering with electrical, gas, or sewer systems without an identifiable company vehicle or uniform.
    • Persons arriving or leaving from homes at unusual hours.
    • Multiple persons who appear to be working in unison and exhibiting suspicious behaviours.
    • Signs of forced entry or tampering with security or safety systems.
  • What makes a vehicle suspicious?
    • More than one adult occupant
    • Slow drive, with the occupants ‘searching’
    • Sun visors down during the night
    • Occupants with caps on their heads
    • License plate not pop riveted into the plasticA vehicle that is not familiar to your street
    • A vehicle that continuously circles your street
    • Always remember: If you looked twice then call it in!

Security tips at home