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Feb 6, 2018 | SafeParks News, Ward update

Volunteer to Help on Voter Registration Weekend – 10/11 March

The IEC has announced that there will be a voter registration weekend on 10/11 March in order for them to collect correct addresses of voters as well as to allow voters to register and re-register.

This means that the 4 voting stations in the ward will be open on both Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm and I will need some helpers on both days.

I have split the day into 2 shifts: 7’45am to 12’45pm and 12’15 to 5pm – basically 2 4 1/2 hour shifts. It will not be onerous and your prime tasks will be to ensure that everything runs smoothly and welcoming people who turn up.

If you can do a full shift, that will great, but if you can only do a few hours, that will also be good. The voting stations are (note that you can help at any of them, not just where you are registered). Please drop me a email on if you can help.

Blairgowrie Primary, Gavin Rd: for residents of Blairgowrie up to Colinton Rd, Victory Park, Pine Park and Pierneef Park.

Parkhurst Primary, 15th St: for residents of Parkhurst and the Craighall Park Triangle (area bounded by Clarence, Hamilton and Richmond Aves, including Craigtowne and Deansgate).

Rosebank Primary, Jellicoe Ave: for residents of Rosebank and Parktown North.

Saxonwold Primary, Aldswold Rd: for residents of Saxonwold and Parkwood.

Re-register Online

When you register with the new IEC address checking page (click here to access it), and fill out your address, it will automatically re-register you at the correct voting station. This will save you from having to do it at a voting station of voter registration weekends.

Note that I am also able to offer a service for you by advising whether you need to re-register, advice on where you nearest voting station station is and other info. I helped over 1000 residents from all over Joburg in the run up to the 2016 elections. Click here allow me check your current registration status and location

Pre-Termination Notices

Last February, the City changed its due dates on its invoices – I did write about it at the time (read my newsletter here). In Region B, it is around the middle of the month. This means that if you pay AFTER the due date, you will usually be issued with a Pre-Termination Notice, for which you pay about R230.

If you are being plagued by Pre-Termination notices, then the first thing you need to do is check your due date on your invoice and see when you are paying it. You will then need to either pay it before the due date, or ask for it to be changed – I usually suggest the 28th of each month.

To change it – log into, register or re-register, and follow the instructions. You can also check your statements and request the statements be sent by email.

It is a little fiddly – if you can’t see the log in icon on the top right, then make your page Full Screen or reorientate your smart device 90 degrees. Some browsers also struggle to access the site and you may need to try accessing on a different browser or device.

If you have trouble, let me know.

Win a Double Ticket to the Gajiga Run at Joburg  Zoo on Sat 17 Feb 2018

I have been given 2 double tickets (worth R500) as a prize for readers of this email to the Gajiga Run on the evening of Saturday 17 February at the Joburg Zoo. To enter, you will need to answer a simple question and fill out this form. I’ll draw the winner on Sat 10 Feb.

The Gajiga Run is Africa’s largest inflatable obstacle run. The fun-filled family run covers 5 km with 7 massive inflatables on route. No matter your fitness level, the Gajiga Run is for everybody – kids families, mother in-laws, the young at heart and the social weekend runners. No water, no mud, no super human strength, no time restrictions, no colour powder, just pure fun.

Kids 5 years and younger are R30 (for Zoo entry); Children 5-15 years R100; Adults R250 (or R300 on the day). Times are 5-8pm. Your ticket also allows you free entry into the Zoo from midday. Spectator tickets are R30 and also include entry into the Zoo. Tickets can be purchased via

It’s Rates Time – 19 Feb @ Marks Park

Every year the City invites it’s residents to a presentation on what the new rates policy will be in July of that year. This year it is at: 6pm on Monday 19 February at Marks Park, Judith Rd, Emmarentia.

If You Don’t Log Things, Nobody Else Will

If you see a pothole, or reinstatement, or burst pipe, you MUST log it correctly and get a reference number. In most cases it is resolved, but when it isn’t then you can escalate it to your councillor (click here to find your DA cllr) via email or whats ap.

I always request the following info: Name, Cell, Address, Ref #, Problem – the info must be in ONE message and please keep it really short.

Water (leaks, meters, sewerage)

– Log via email on, call 0116881699.
– Pipe bursts are typically fixed with 1-2 days, leaks within 2-5 days, sewers 1-2 days. But there are different teams that fix different things, so be accurate when you report.

Electricity (outages, street lights, smart meters)

– Log online at or the City Power App.
– You need to report your outage asap, check social media to see if it is just you or a bigger problem. If it is a bigger area outage and City Power are aware, then stop logging and wait until it is fixed 9usually 2-6 hours). If you are still out when power comes back on to the area, then relog as all previous calls will have been cancelled – escalate to your councillor via whats ap or sms.
– If it is just you that is out, log it and wait 6 hours. Then contact your cllr via whats ap.
– Restoration times depend on any number of things – is a trip at the pole outside? A burned out underground cable? Cable theft? Vandalised sub-station? Damage by a contractor? Has a storm or strong wind knocked out lots of properties? All these have different resolution times and are dependant on how many teams are available to restore power.

Roads (potholes, street signs, sidewalks, storm water, traffic lights)

It is pothole season again – usually Feb/Mar are the worst pothole months. Below is advice I gave last year this time and it still holds true.

I have roughly divided potholes (or road defects) into 4 types. The 1st three categories are usually just different degrees of damage to the road.

It is important to keep in mind that the main problem is that our roads have been neglected for many years and most are now in need of either completely redoing or resurfacing. What we are doing here is to keep the roads driveable and pothole free.

1) Patching: this is where the tar has started lifting, cracking and delaminating. If you can get it fixed at this stage, then potholes won’t develop. Patching is also the name for when a road has been reinstated and the tar is now lifting again as it wasn’t done properly.

2) Potholes: These are the next step when the tar has lifted or disintegrated and the stones/material beneath is exposed. Water and vehicles will quickly start creating a hole.

3) Pothole Rash/Large Potholes: Once a pothole starts, it is often followed by more. The water, vehicles and stones from the first pothole along with the failing surface often cause more potholes to form. These usually end up causing a much larger pothole to develop.

4) Reinstatements: this is where an entity such as Joburg Water fixing a water leak or trenching by City Power or a fibre company has left an empty or earth filled hole or trench in the road or side walk. In some cases this is logged by the entity and sent to JRA to fix. In many cases it isn’t. In most cases JRA seem to ignore the request and it takes much throwing toys out of the cot to get it repaired. I have managed to get about 30 done in the ward by creating a list and vigorously escalating them. But there are more all the time as our pipes keep bursting and City Power replace cables.

What I Want You to Do?

I would like you to log every pothole you see.  You need to do this via email (, the Look and Log JRA Ap (only use twitter for escalating small things). Do not use the COJ call centre as they don’t use the same system as JRA and so many logged issues don’t even make it to the entity.

You need to log each one, or each cluster, or stretch of street separately. Always include the exact address and street corner. Examples are:

– Small pothole on cnr Jan Smuts and 7th St, Parktown North.
– Large patch needed at 78 25th St, Parkhurst. Nearest cnr 7th Ave.
– Several potholes on Oxford Rd between Jellicoe and Eastwood Aves, Rosebank/Dunkeld.

Make sure you get a reference number (it might take a few days if using email as they are getting so many requests).

If its not resolved with a week, then complete the online form I have created so I can track them and make sure they get done.

Join The DA

If you want to join the DA, it costs R10 a year, or, I would recommend you take out a 5 year membership of R50. Please contact my Branch Membership Secretary – Teigue Payne on 082-892-2218 / He will send the address where you can sign up and pay online. You can be from anywhere in Joburg as you will be allocated by Head Office to the Branch in your respective ward.

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