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Solar Power Service Provider

We are excited to announce that we have selected a number of service providers to partake in the Parkhurst GoGreen project to provide discounted solar power products to Paid Up PRABOA Members.

The GoGreen team has spent 5 months interviewing almost 30 suppliers. The selection process took many factors and considerations into account including: pricing, quality, financial stability, financial history and backup service to illustrate a few.

The selection panel was made up of 6 residents and committee members including a Roboticist and Green Building Architect for the technical requirements, a CA (SA) to assess financial stability and sustainability, and a non Parkhurst resident currently doing her PhD in Environmental Science for an objective critic.

The GoGreen process started initially by, investigating solutions that would be optimal for our neighbourhood, followed by consultations with international experts and consulting engineers. We initially explored the idea of a big scale solar farm opposite Pirates Rugby Club, and even Hydrogen solutions per block as part of our investigations.

It was decided, that the optimal solution due to time constraints imposed by recent load shedding, is a modular solar solutions per household. A solar farm project would have taken up to two years with environmental impact studies, design and construction.

Having stated the above, it is also imperative to change your mind set when assessing a renewable energy alternative; renewable energy only makes financial sense if you first implement other complementing energy saving measures such as:

  • Changing all your light bulbs to LED lighting,
  • Insulate your roof with Think Pink,
  • Insulate your existing windows with glazing,
  • Natural gas for cooking,
  • Backup water heating for solar heating systems. (It is currently possible at this junction to use a hybrid solar and gas geyser combination.)
  • And for space heating, either a gas system or a wood pellet fireplace. (Using gas will significantly reduce the size of the solar system that you may require. We are also in talks with Egoli to pipe gas to every household in Parkhurst.)

The Green Team looked at all of the aforementioned solutions in addition to PV (‘photovoltaic’ – Solar) however as part of the initial process we have only selected providers for PV. We encourage residents to however still first take the above mentioned measures before purchasing a PV system. At the bare minimum all lights should be changed to LED and Think Pink in the roof. Window glazing can follow later along with gas for cooking etc.

It is then recommended that you purchase your solar system with all these measures in place otherwise you will still remain dependant on expensive Eskom electricity if you go for a grid-tie system. Yes, expect super expensive electricity from Eskom in the not too distant future.

The selected providers do also offer some of the equipment mentioned above, but as mentioned their selection was based purely on the evaluation of their PV offerings. The Green Team will continue to work hard to select providers for these solutions in the future. Load shedding threw a huge curve ball and we needed to get PV solutions out there quickly to give residents solutions.

We also recommend that residents obtain an independent energy audit before deciding on a system. The cost thereof could be much less than the additional cost of an excessive PV system. These providers do offer energy audits, but it is never a bad idea to seek external opinion too.

Please also keep us posted with your experience using these selected providers. We have signed a SLA (‘Service Level Agreement’) with them, and we need to make sure they are performing in accordance with the SLA.

Also please notify us when you go for a solution, so that we can keep track of installations, by e-mailing gogreen@parkhurst.org.za.


Just how good is the pricing?

Below are some indications as to the pricing that is available from the various providers:


Provider 1

Provider 2

How do I obtain the preferential pricing?


Only paid up and registered members of PRABOA are eligible for the preferential pricing from the preferred bidders as negotiated on behalf of the Parkhurst residences.


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