Green Cycles

Paid up PRABOA members receive a 10% discount on e-Bikes from GreenCycles

GreenCycles is launching an electric bicycle rental program in Joburg, and they’ve chosen Parkhurst as a hub from which to pilot the project.

Off the back of the Go Green initiative, GreenCycles provides clean, electric bicycles which create a cleaner environment for Parkhurst and meets the need to rely less on fossil fuels.

The aim? To turn suburbs and cities into greener, cleaner places to live and work by supplying an alternative, environmental-friendly means of transport – affordable, reliable electric bicycles – or e-Bikes.

With Parkhurst, and a number of other areas within Johannesburg, set to get cycle,it’s never been a better time to shift gears and try out a new, healthier lifestyle.

So go on, shift gears for greener suburbs – and leaner legs and fatter wallets.

For more information, to test-ride a GreenCycles e-Bike or to purchase a bike, visit Wrench Bespoke Bicyclery on the corner of 11th and 4th Ave, Parkhurst.  Or contact Noel on or 072 022 6992

All Parkhurst residents who are paid up members of PRABOA qualify for a 10% discount off the price of any e-Bike from GreenCycles.

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