Precinct Plan Affects Parkhurst Village

Mar 18, 2022 | News, Ward update

The Spatial Development Framework for the COJ

How the precinct plan affects the Parkhurst Village

The purpose of a Spatial Development Framework (SDF) is to set a spatial vision for the future of a city, and to outline a set of strategies to achieve that vision. The SDF has been a fluid process that began in 2001 and has gone through various incarnations and revisions. A City’s SDF must incorporate and reflect the intent and principles of broader City Policies, but also the spatial policy and initiatives of other relevant spheres of Government.

The most recent spatial policy approved by the City, which has potentially large ramifications for Parkhurst, is the Nodal Review policy, approved on 27 February 2020. This policy falls under the umbrella of the SDF 2040 which is currently also undergoing a process of review.

The Nodal Review introduced new mapping and development and density guidelines for all areas of the City, and these have become the primary tools for evaluating new land use applications. Parkhurst is in the General Urban Zone. The character of this zone is described as “an urban zone of the city with up to 5 storey residential or mixed use buildings”. The development guidelines applicable to this Zone primarily promotes a mix of uses and building conversions to accommodate higher density and non-residential uses.

The difficulty is that the guidelines are generic and do not take the local circumstances of an area such as Parkhurst into account; neither do they lead to a predictable outcome of a planned, coherent, walkable environment. This requires more detailed planning, which is often referred to as precinct planning. The City, itself, does not have the capacity to tackle the numerous detailed plans that it requires to achieve its densification objectives. It has indicated that it would however consider approving precinct plans prepared by local communities, provided they are aligned to the principles expressed in the Nodal Review.

PRABOA is keen to influence the outcomes of future development along 4th Avenue and in other parts of the neighbourhood by preparing a precinct plan, with the City’s permission. It is initiating a process to obtain the required permission and will then follow the prescribed procedures in preparing the precinct plan, obtaining the community’s support, and the like. This should proceed in about April 2022. The Precinct Plan initiative will go through various stages of community/ public participation if granted permission to proceed.

The aims of the Precinct Plan will be to guide where the aims of the Nodal Review policy can be appropriately and sustainably achieved, while also taking into consideration the existing character of the suburb and the view of the residents and businesses. Your participation and input into PRABOA is essential for the success of this important campaign.

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