Newsletter – 28 February 2020

Key dates

Be sure to diarize these important dates

19 March 2020

6pm, @SAPS Parkview

SAPS Parkview Community Policing Forum public meeting

5 May 2020

6-9pm, @Marks Park

City of Joburg 2020/21 Integrated Development Plan, Budget, and Tariff consultation 

Precinct management

The PRABOA Committee is currently reviewing proposals submitted in response to a request for proposals and associated list of PRABOA activities. What this space for a better-managed Parkhurst!



Join the Security Oversight Committee

We urgently need resident volunteers to join our Oversight Committee. Please note that due to the confidential functioning of this Committee, volunteers will be interviewed, will have to sign our Terms of Reference, be willing to dedicate sufficient time to serve the cause and be active contributors to SafeParks and Cortac.


Additional  safety initiatives:

SafeParks and our service provider Cortac have recently rolled out a number of additional proactive initiatives, including undercover operations,  to combat crime. We can only deploy more security resources with community support. If you wish to sign up, please email Lynn Rushton ( If you want to get our weekly crime/ safety newsletter, please also contact Lynn. Please visit our Facebook and website pages:

Website: and

Tender Issued for Old Parkhurst Bowls and Soccer Club … Again


The property is located off Victory Rd to the west of Parkhurst opposite the Pikitup Dump and Pirates Sports Club & measures 78 295 m2. The  property has two structures on the southern section that are occupied by vagrants. 

It is currently zoned as public open space: any form of development on the site will have to be preceded by a park closure and rezoning. 

Specifications for use and development of the Property (Vision for the Property): 

The property shall be developed with a recreational/sporting focus in line with the general provisions of a Private Open Space zoning and to a limited extent, such ancillary uses that are allowed through consent use application. 

Such uses may include Private Clubs, Special Buildings, Dwelling Units and Residential Buildings. Bidders are expected to familiarise themselves with the applicable Town Planning Scheme. 

Furthermore, the development proposal must take cognisance of the natural environment and propose measures as to how the rehabilitation and maintenance of the natural environment would be addressed in the development and operational phases of the project.  

The old clubhouse on the site is currently under illegal occupation. The successful bidder will be responsible for the relocation of the illegal occupants in terms of the relevant legislation.  

Bidders are required to submit a concise development proposal for the site. The development proposal must include a concept Site Development Plan, an Architectural concept of the proposed development, proposed tenanting, and the approach to the rehabilitation and preservation of the natural environment 

The closing date has been extended to 10:30am on 5 March 2020 & bids will be opened thereafter in public in the designated boardrooms at the City of Joburg Property Company (SOC) Ltd, 1st Floor, Forum II, Braampark Office Park, 33 Hoofd Street, Braamfontein;

The tender doc is available from:

Electricity Meter Readings


Kindly note that the meters for Region B March Billing Period will be read from 22-29th of Feb 2020.

Customers may also send readings to the following email addresses with the Account number, Address and Meter # to:


Customers are also more than welcome to call, SMS or WhatsApp any of the above numbers 

so they can arrange for an appointment for their meters to be read.

Note: if you have a smart meter that is being remotely read, then you don’t need to submit readings.


Residents would have noticed new camera poles being installed throughout Parkhurst. These poles were installed by Vumacam (a Vumatel subsidiary). SafeParks have had lengthy negotiations with Vumacam and recently agreed the activation of  the first phase of camera poles by Vumacam, we hope that these will soon go live and then contribute to managing security in our suburb through this additional safety initiative.    

Architecture, heritage and town planning 

After three years of volunteering on the Architecture & Town Planning Committee, Catherine Grainger has decided to step down to focus on her business and personal commitments. We would like to thank Catherine for all her hard work for PRABOA. In particular, PRABOA thanks Catherine for all her initiatives and effort in the creation of organization systems for the scrutiny and approval process. She will be missed!

Architects Gabriela Seco and Emma Snaddon will continue the work of the portfolio. We are always looking for architects or other built environment professionals to help the committee. If you can offer some time to this portfolio, please email us at

We would like to thank all residents who followed due process in getting their plans approved by PRABOA, PHRAG and Council in 2019. These processes are designed to ensure that Parkhurst is protected and developed in a way that benefits us all. More applications were received by the committee this year than ever before.

Parkhurst Recreation Centre timetable

Parkhurst Clinic – 0117881526/7
Parkhurst Library – 0117884510
Joburg Connect – 0860562874
Verity Park Swimming Pool – 0110251992

Car guard initiative

Parkhurst has 40 car guards vetted by the SAPS, with photo IDs and Ukheshe accounts. Please support our registered car guards, rather than giving money to other unvetted car guards. Further details, including the scheme rules and application form are available here: For more information, please contact Ryan Hawthorne:


Please keep an eye out for notices on the I Love Parkhurst Facebook page and please contact Lize Hough at to get involved!

For more information on the 21st St / Hamilton Ave park, send a WhatsApp message to 066 421 2406 to join our WhatsApp Broadcast, or visit our Facebook page Hamilton Park-Johannesburg. 

Verity Park


Joburg City Parks made resources available early in the new year, and upgraded the toilets in the park. This entailed replacing ceilings, waterproofing the roof, clearing gutters and resolving a sewerage blockage. In addition, the facility was painted, and a concrete walkway was built from the parking area. During the week of 21st February, all the playground equipment, plus the benches and dustbins were given a coat of bright red, yellow, blue and green paint. Gratitude is extended to JCPZ for their continued support.

As always, a plea to park users: By not cleaning up after your dog, you are making the park an unpleasant place for others. Please be considerate and stay with your dog, cleaning up any deposit along the way.

If you would like to contribute to the fund that pays for the cleaning of the park, and the bags, please use the following information:

  • Verity Park User Group
  • Nedbank Greenside
  • Account number 1003267173
  • Branch code  198765

Parkhurst Primary

PRABOA has a close working relationship with Parkhurst Primary. To get involved, please contact Kundayi Munzara (


You can find the YouTube video of the 2019 AGM and all of the PRABOA committee member reports here: 

Leaving Parkhurst?

PRABOA is a Public Benefit Organisation and has to stick to SARS rules. Among these are NO REFUNDS. So we cannot reverse debits if you have already left!  

Please let us know as well as Cortac.  A simple email to is all that is needed. Please send it in the first half of your last month. Then I will usually cancel you by return of email. If the cancellation comes after the debit order run has been loaded (often about 22 of each month) you cannot be refunded.


Cutting down on expenses?

If you want to save money by discontinuing SafeParks while continuing Cortac alarm monitoring, think carefully. The rate you pay Cortac is a reduced rate for SafeParks contributors. If you do not contribute to SafeParks, Cortac would charge around R900 per month, which is more than the combined rate of R799, which is why they don’t offer it. Cutting either of these might affect your insurance cover.