Newsletter – 22 May 2020



The Parkview Community Police Forum (CPF) is updating our community safety plan and we need your help! In order to understand how people perceive crime in our precinct, we need to ask for your experience. We believe that we can improve the safety of our precinct if you tell us how you think the organs of state can improve their services. To this end we have prepared a survey, which will take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete. If you live or work in any of the suburbs policed by Parkview SAPS, you are invited to complete the survey at

The suburbs policed by SAPS Parkview are Craighall Park, Dunkeld West, Emmarentia, Franklin Roosevelt Park, Greenside, Parkhurst, Parktown North, Parktown West, Parkview and Westcliff. The survey is anonymous and is designed to protect your privacy. Survey responses are available in aggregate, anonymous form directly after you complete the survey. With the current lock down Regulations due to COVID-19, we know that everyone’s movements are restricted so what better to do with your time than to contribute to the information and safety of your precinct? The survey will be open for responses until 15 June 2020. Please don’t hesitate to contact Geraldine Connell:, if you have any questions or comments.

Food initiatives in response to COVID-19

PRABOA has received a number of requests from the community as to how to help the underprivileged living in our area, including our car guards. Over the past few weeks Cortac and SafeParks/Parksec successfully collected a large number of food donations which have been handed out to reputable organisations for distribution. Residents who further want to support food distribution initiatives in our area (who will be supporting our car guards, among others), can donate to the Victory Park St Vincent De Paul Society and the Parkhurst Community Church, which both have authorised representatives to distribute food to the needy. Please add ‘Parkhurst’ to the payment reference you provide so we can keep track. The details are below.

4th Avenue Traders open for delivery

Please support our local traders:






Jolly Roger

Uber Eats

10h00 – 18h30

Jolly Cool

0718713049 / Uber Eats / Mr Delivery

11h00 – 18h30

We Are Food


Mon-Fri: 09:30-14h30; Sat: 09h30-12h30


0114474448 / 0632140338



0114478700 / 087808716


Yia-Yia’s Kitchen


10h00- 19h00


Liban Cafe




0112680713 / Uber Eats / Mr Delivery


Urban Braza

0113276526 / Uber Eats


Bistro Vine



Casa Marani






Tax advice

We are looking for some legal advice in relation to taxation of public benefit organisations. Please get in touch with Chris Diamond ( if you are able to help.



If you wish to sign up, please email Lynn Rushton ( If you want to get our weekly crime/ safety newsletter, please also contact Lynn. Please visit our Facebook and website pages:

Website: and 

Please also use your time at home in lock down to review your security equipment. Test and review your gate locks, alarm system, panic buttons, beams, cameras and electric fencing.  Also trim all branches and shrubs that may affect your electric fencing and beams and lead to false alarms. Should you need professional help, most security installers have the necessary essential services permits to assist you and it may be time and money spent wisely.

Unfortunately, it is very likely that once the lock down in our area is lifted, that crime activities will spike quickly, and we all need to be prepared for it.

Cutting down on expenses or changing payer details?

If you want to save money by discontinuing the SafeParks contribution while continuing Cortac alarm monitoring, think carefully of the consequences. The rate you pay Cortac is a substantially reduced rate for SafeParks contributors. In addition, if you do not contribute to SafeParks, you are not supporting the active daily patrolling that aims to keep our suburb much safer. In addition, should you cancel SafeParks, Cortac would have to substantially increase your alarm monitoring fee.

Please note that if the person who pays the SafeParks and Cortac accounts leaves Parkhurst, they cannot just switch bank account numbers. Both SafeParks and Cortac require new contracts to be signed. Contact Cortac to arrange this. This is a consumer protection measure to ensure we have a signed debit order form in case your bank asks us (they are entitled to check on us). The Cortac control room also needs contact details of an occupant or owner.


You can find the YouTube video of the 2019 AGM and all of the PRABOA committee member reports here: 

Leaving Parkhurst?

PRABOA is a Public Benefit Organisation and has to stick to SARS rules. Among these are NO REFUNDS. So we cannot reverse debits if you have already left!

Please let us know as well as Cortac.  A simple email to is all that is needed. Please send it in the first half of your last month. Then I will usually cancel you by return of email. If the cancellation comes after the debit order run has been loaded (often about 22 of each month) you cannot be refunded.