Let’s stand together to beat crime in Parkhurst

Mar 18, 2022 | News, Ward update

Let’s stand together to beat crime in Parkhurst – and lead safer and happier lives

Crime is a fact of life in Johannesburg. According to StatsSA, housebreaking or burglary has consistently been the most common crime experienced by South African house- holds. This threat, as well as opportunistic crime, has been exacerbated by the knock-on effects of the pandemic.

Parkhurst is an attractive target for criminals – and the scourge goes beyond house- breaking. Our vibrant restaurant and business community on 4th Avenue is also a particular target with residents and visitors both at risk.

We must stand united as a community– and defeat crime together. It’s the only way we will win.


PRABOA and SafeParks – helping to lead the fight

The Parkhurst Resident’s and Business Owners Association (PRABOA) is our local residents’ association of Parkhurst.

PRABOA established the SafeParks subcommittee, consisting of resident volunteers. The aim is to pool residents’ contributions in designing and managing the providers of an appropriate mix of crime-prevention initiatives in Parkhurst.

These include proactive vehicle patrolling, foot patrols and the use of technology such as cameras.


CORTAC – Parkhurst’s strongest and preferred security provider

SafeParks appointed CORTAC, after a rigorous tender process, as its preferred security services provider in August 2016. This is because CORTAC offers the necessary  pedigree and resources to ensure value for money and effectiveness in dealing with    our crime issues.

  • CORTAC provides a proactive solution of armed response and protection of Parkhurst’s public
  • CORTAC are always present in our suburb and actively patrol our streets 24 hours per
  • CORTAC is also responsible for the Public Space Security initiative (through proactive patrolling) as well as armed response and alarm

This is unlike other security companies which are reactive and static and focus only on armed response/ alarm monitoring.


How CORTAC helps secure Parkhurst

  • CORTAC currently have three specialised vehicles deployed in the area, each with two highly trained patrol officer to do this. Their aim is to look out for suspicious activity and to challenge or make arrests proactively, as well as respond if your alarm goes
  • Active patrolling ensures CORTAC are able to respond to situations and alarms faster, with an average response time of 3 minutes. Equally they have the skills and resources to adequately respond to all situations, whereas the one-man teams so many rely on for armed response from other providers often find themselves overwhelmed or outgunned,
  • Another requirement of any SafeParks appointed security provider is the necessity for a close working relationship with Parkview SAPS. CORTAC have excellent relationships there and assist Parkview SAPS with arrests, investigations, and undercover operations. CORTAC meet weekly with Parkview SAPS to engage over crime trends in Parkhurst and to provide support to SAPS to ensure that criminals are taken off our


SafeParks also meet weekly with CORTAC on crime intelligence and keep CORTAC accountable by monitoring their service delivery.


There is strength in numbers. Sign up to CORTAC today – and make our suburb safe!

We, as individuals, homes, and businesses need to have a single security company. More people signing up to Cortac means they can use the additional funds for more guards, more vehicles, more patrols, and more protection of open spaces.

Having one dedicated security provider also makes any response to crime far more focused and coordinated.


Contact Lynn at lynn@safeparks.joburg.

We’ll email you forms to complete and will ensure that CORTAC signs you up!