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Who are the SafeParks/Parksec committee?

SafeParks/Parksec is the oversight committee appointed by the Parkhurst Residents Association (PRABOA) to manage the public space security scheme.

The oversight committee consists of an appointed administrator and residents who volunteer SafeParks is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and complies with all statutory requirements.

Following an extensive tender and appointment process, we have appointed Cortac to be our preferred security provider.We believe that having two trained, well armed and experienced Cortac tactical officers in each patrol vehicle patrolling our suburb provides the most effective proactive security in our area.


R799.00 =

per month


Public Space Security



Armed Response contribution

The PSS debit order goes to PRABOA (SafeParks) and the agreed fee is then paid to Cortac.

The AR debit order goes directly to Cortac as a direct agreement between you and them.

Armed Response to Cortac of R382.00 is part of our package of R799.00. You cannot sign up for Armed Response with Cortac alone. It is offered together.
You can however have your Armed Response with another security company and contribute the Safeparks portion of R417.00

While this may seem unnecessarily complicated, having the PSS debit orders payable to SafeParks gives us, as residents, control of the scheme.

Join PRABOA and SafeParks

Please complete our debit order form and email it to Lynn Rushton: :

We encourage you to also join Cortac, our appointed public spaces security provider, for alarm monitoring and armed response (please email the form to Lynn Rushton)