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Sep 8, 2017 | News, Ward update

Correction: Changing Your Due Dates

I used the incorrect address in last week’s advice on changing your due dates. Below is a repeat of what I wrote with the correct address.

Many of Joburg account holders have been caught out by the changes to due dates that occurred from February this year. The bills in Region B are generated around the 3rd of the month. This gives you about 15 days to pay – or around the 17/18th.

If you are late on payment by even a day (see info below as this may be changing), a pre-termination note is issued (or sometimes you are just cut off without one).

I would strongly advise you to change the due date to around the 28th of each month – send your requested date and acct #(s) to to do this.

Public Meeting on Tues 19 Sept: Guest Speaker from the COJ Ombudsman’s Office

When: Tuesday 19 September @ 6’30pm
Where: Parkhurst Primary School
Address: cnr 15th St and 4th Ave, Parkhurst

I met the staff in the Ombudsman’s Office at the Region B Billing Day. Since the office opened a couple of years ago, they have been swamped with billing problems. They will talk at this meeting about what they should be doing beyond billing issues.

The meeting has been organised by the members of the new Ward Committee and I will be introducing them at the meeting to you.

Please RSVP if you are coming to me on  

Wildfires In COJ Conservation Areas

During our dry and hot spring period, the COJ Conservation areas like the Florence Bloom Nature Reserve and Melville Koppies are particularly susceptible to fires.

Please contact the following 24 hour number 011 760 9143. You can also call Phillip 0712203696 or Moses 0823442407.

For all other fires – property and in ordinary parks – see the section below.

Calling out the Fire Brigade


The Cleveland CPF have produced this guide to calling the fire brigade.

Do not to phone the fire station directly, but call the Control Centre on 011-375-5911 (Toll Free), 10177 (landline) or 112 (cell) from there the dispatchers will send a vehicle that is available. 

The 011-375-5911 is a direct line to the Emergency Services in Joburg and so reaction time will be quicker.

The control centre is an auto answer and I have personally never waited more than 10 seconds to speak to a call taker.

A number of fire stations do not have fire vehicles at the moment (29 new fire trucks have been ordered and will be soon delivered) and if a call is received there they have to call it in to the Control Centre so that another station can be dispatched, this wastes time and causes unnecessary delays.

I would like to add that it is imperative that you give the correct address, include any landmarks and the nearest street corner. I would advise that you also become  a member of your What’s Ap street group as neighbours can play an important part in helping both to start putting out the fire, helping you and your family and directing the fire truck to the correct address.

Also note that the Rosebank Fire Station is currently closed while the new office building behind is being built. As part of the construction, the Fire Station will be upgraded and the vehicle bays will be enlarged to take larger fire engines.

Note New Date: Implosion Now on Sun 17 Sep in Rosebank

The TimesMedia/Galleria Buildings will be imploded on the morning of 17 Sep 2017. The last time this happened in Rosebank was the old Nedbank Gardens Building in 2012 that was imploded to make way for the Rosebank Mall Extension. Watch my Youtube Video of the implosion here.  

The Times Media/Galleria buildings are bounded by Craddock/Bierman/Bath Aves and the roads around will be locked down from 5’30am. Below are the details of the lockdown and what will happen on the morning. The map below shows the road closures and barriers.

Note that this is a controlled explosion and so it is dangerous, noisy and very dusty.


5’30am: Roads are closed
7am: Final entrance to organised viewing areas
7’30am: 30 minute warning
7’45am: 15 minute warning
7’55am: 5 minute warning
7’59am: 1 minute morning
7’59’50seconds: 10 seconds countdown
8’05am: Explosives check and all clear siren
8’15am: All Ccear
8’30am: Open barriers


Join The DA

If you want to join the DA, it costs R10 a year, or, I would recommend you take out a 5 year membership of R50. Please contact my Branch Membership Secretary – Teigue Payne on 082-892-2218 / He will send the address where you can sign up and pay online. You can be from anywhere in Joburg as you will be allocated by Head Office to the Branch in your respective ward.


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