Hamilton Park Newsletter

We have started to gather momentum for 2020 after a frustrating start contending with rubbish dumpers, unreliable contractors, weeds and long grass. Isaac continues to be our most valuable asset and City Parks started the latest round of grass cutting this week.

Tree planting update

Tree planting will commence next week. Click here for the list of trees that will be planted. Thanks to the recent rains, planting should go smoothly.
We will invite the Rosebank Gazette and those residents who have chosen to plant in memory of someone special to pop in during the day.

Thank you to every one of our residents for your generous donations. We raised just under R20 000 for this initiative.

Next clean-up Saturday 29th Feb

Please bring a black bag and help us clear litter. Unfortunately we have had illegal dumping in the river again.

9:00–11:00 am

Security lighting meeting: 29th Feb 9:30–10:30am

Committee members Michael Capella and Christoff Hamman have been working on a lighting solution for residents of properties bordering the park to address security concerns raised by both users and residents of properties bordering the park. Their solution improves visibility at night alongside boundary walls, without impacting the environmental ecosystem.

We are calling on all owners of properties bordering the park to join this meeting at the 21st street entrance into the park to discuss the following proposal:

  • Residents consider installing motion activated solar powered LED floodlights on each boundary wall bordering the park.
  • To the extent that sufficient residents agree to the installation, donor funds could be mobilised to subsidise installation costs.
  • Indicative pricing has been sourced from Mr M Electrical for the purchase and installation of various potential solutions.

Marius Engelbrecht from Mr M Electrical will join us answer technical questions. Please contact Michael or Christoff if you have questions before the meeting.
Michael Capela 083-451-4597
Christoff Hamman 082-334-0149

River erosion update

We have conceeded, after much negotiation, that there is no budget at JRA or River Department to allocate to maintaining and stabilising the river banks. With the help of committee members Dave, Ramon and Stuart we have plans to build and place gabions along the banks in as cost-effective a manner as possible.
We still need funds to implement our plans and this will be the focus of our next fundraising drive.