Safeparks/Parksec Crime Update:19 – 27 November 2017

Dec 7, 2017 | Ward update


Thank you to those residents who provided details for new signs to be put up. Your details has been forwarded to CORTAC and they will contact you directly to arrange for the Parksec/Safeparks board to be put up from next week 28 August 2017. If you have not emailed me already for a board, please email your full name, address and contact number to

The following includes crimes reported to us over the period

*DISCLAIMER: Whilst every effort is made to report on all crimes and their accurancy for the given time period, we advise that not all crimes are reported timeously or correctly. Should you be aware of any criminal incident not reported in our Newsletter, kindly email us on and we will verify and ensure it is reported in our next Newsletter.


  •  Theft of a white VW Polo (Registration no: CL37BLGP) occurred on 8th street whilst parked on the street.
  • Housebreaking occurred on 16th street, where unknown suspects forced open the garage door and front door and stole a TV.
  • Attempted Theft of a Ford Ranger occurred on 13th street, the owner of the vehicle heard a noise outside, suspects were distracted and fled in a White Jeep Cherokee ( be on the lookout for this White Jeep Cherokee which has been involved in the theft of various vehicles in Parkhurst, Parktown North and Melville)
  • Home Invasion occurred on 4th street, 4 African males (armed) opened the gate and gained access through the open front door and held up 6 victims and took their valuables.
  • Hi-jacking occurred on 19th street, the suspects were seen driving in a white old taxi and were dropped off, suspects (armed) then approached the victim on foot and demanded her Hyundai i20 and valuables. Suspects fled and victim is unharmed.
  • Mugging occurred on 5th avenue and 14th street, whereby a suspect grabbed 2 handbags and a blue umbrella from a domestic worker.

Parktown North


  • Attempted House robbery occurred on 8th avenue, the suspect jumped over the neighbors gate and entered into the victims property through the back, victim spotter the suspect on his patio and thereafter made a noise and the suspect fled back into the neighbors garden. The victim thereafter called his security company and went outside only to be confronted by the suspect again who fled. Suspect is well-spoken, wore dark navy matching top and trousers, please be on the LOOK-OUT!


  • Please be on the LOOKOUT for a White Jeep Cherokee involved in various incidents of vehicle theft especially FORD RANGERS in our suburb and surrounds. The suspects change their number plates and the following has been spotted: Registration no: FW 49 CH GP or DD 59 HS GP.
  • Festive season is soon approaching if you are going away, please plan a house sitter or someone to take the post out of your post box and to take your bin out and bring it back in again, suspects pick up on who is home and who is not.
  • Please do not wear valuable jewelry and watches during this time as criminals are scouting out shopping malls and restaurants and doing follow homes.
  • Hi-jackings on the rise, before you approach your drive-way look behind you to see if there is any suspicious vehicle or persons loitering around, if so circle around the block and call CORTAC for free Meet and Greet services – rather safe than sorry!

Please report any suspicious activity by:
Calling CORTAC Control Centre on 0861 267 822 / 0878 030 040
Sending a “Please Call” message to *140*079 502 2750# (domestic workers)
SMS’ing details of the suspicious activity to 079 502 2750

POLICE SECTOR VEHICLE: 071 675 6061 / 6062
RELIEF COMMANDER: 071 675 6065
CORTAC: 0861 267 822
Victim Support Unit HOTLINE: 073 280 4453
If it doesn’t look right, call it in ..

More Info

If you would like to find out more about the Parksec/ SafeParks security initiative, please email us on  or
For queries, suggestions or complaints please email:

Keep safe and be aware!

The Parksec & SafeParks Committee